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Capri Shead is an experienced and successful Real Estate Investor, Published Author, Business Coach, and a Financial Motivational Speaker. Shead has a proven track record for coaching clients with, newly established and existing business owners, how to implement proper accountability and leverage their business credit while addressing their personal credit needs.

Capri Shead,  was able to reinvent herself, with her rare miscalculations  her triumphant return to a top-notch businesswoman by using a technique that she calls:   “Enhance Your Credit Restore Your Life”  This technique is outlined in her book as well as  available online through her website courses and e-Books.

When Capri Shead is not busy doing real estate investing and business
coaching, this mother of three is volunteering for Habitat for Humanity.

“The day I stop learning, I’m probably dead”

Get Your Copy of Her Book – Credit Chronicles: “From Prada to Nada” Vol. 1

Her Story

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